Saturday, July 19, 2014


Jason felt emancipated since he became a part of a nudist community. One fine day, he received a mail from him mother asking him to send her his latest pic. Since it would be too difficult to explain to his mom the reasons why he lived in a nudist community, Jason decided to crop his pic and mailed only the top half of the pic.

Then he received another mail requesting him to send a pic to his grandma. He accidentally sent the bottom half of cropped pic. He was worried sick that his grandma would see his unmentionables. Then it occurred to him that his grandma suffered from poor eyesight, so maybe she would not be able to figure out at all.

After 2 days, there was a mail from grandma. She wrote, "Nice pic, but your hairstyle needs a change. This one makes your nose look kind-of long!"

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