Sunday, July 13, 2014

a great idea

A warden of a boy’s hostel was talking to a friend in a bar. After a while their conversation got around to hostel life and the warden said to his friend: “You know, everything is fine with hostel life and the boys, except one thing. Initially, for a month or so they are alright and very active with sports and dramas and such things. But after a while they become restless and the clowns whack off anywhere, anytime, on the wall, on the floor, on the bed. It’s a messy thing. Don’t see a solution.”

The warden’s friend thought for a while and said: “I have an idea. You buy a small barrel. Tell the boy’s to use the drum and fill it up. Promise them a night out alternatively in the group of fours with movie tickets every night. That should do the trick.”

Warden: “Hey, that’s a great idea. But that will set me back for a few bucks every night for those movie tickets.”

Friend: “The idea is to sell the barrel to the wax factory on the other side of the town. You should recover the expense of movies and your place will remain clean.”

The warden liked the idea. The boys liked the idea. At the end of the week the warden sold the barrel to the wax factory and made a tidy sum. The boys continued their ‘night out’ in alternate groups of four. Everything was fine for a while.

Then one day police came to the boy’s hostel looking for the warden and arrest him. The warden was aghast: “What on earth have I done?”

Police: “You S.O.B., You ask what you have done? You sold all that wax to the candle factory.”

Warden: “Yes, but that’s not a crime, is it?”

Police: “Yes, it is. The factory made candles out of your wax, sold the candles to the girl’s hostel and most of the girls there are pregnant, including their warden.”

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