Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ask Aunt Nasty

Dear Aunt Nasty,

I have had a problem for years. Its my legs. I seem to get tired when I walk on two. I've been trying to get the third leg to help, have you got any suggestions on what to do? It just doesn't want to grow up anymore.

Left in Limb-o


Dear Lefty,

I must say, your problem caused me a few sleepless moments (until...I remembered that I didn't know you, so it didn't really matter to me.) I had to take the matter up with my guru, but you'll be happy to hear he was able to come up with a solution. And it's one he says you'll understand, but that other people won't.

He told me to tell you "Try pulling the fat back!" He's of the opinion that if you could see it and it could see you (with it's one "lone" eye) it might feel more co-operative and give you a leg up.

Aunt Nasty

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