Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adult jokes-Street Insurance

She had plenty of Insurance. Unfortunately, her pimp died.

Today almost every hooker understands how important it is to have life insurance. The streets can get pretty rough. But, what if her pimp is offed?

Who's going to find new Johns?

Who's going to supply the crack?

Clearly his loss would create financial hardships for her and the two mulatto kids he left behind.

With Metropolitan Street Life's new Wh*re plus plan, such a woman can get permanent insurance protection that provides door-to-door limo service, up to three fixes daily, and a big
ugly bodyguard with a gun - just as if your main man was still around.
All we ask in return for a safe future is 50% of the action. That's probably a better deal than HE gave you, and WE won't beat you upside the head!

Professionals Helping Professionals.

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