Sunday, August 11, 2013

Adult jokes-Insurance Sex

Insurance Sex

Sex with your wife - Legal & General
Sex with your future wife - Mutual trust
Sex with a long term partner - Standard life
Sex with your secretary - Employers liability
Sex with a pr*stitute - Commercial union
Sex on the phone - Direct line
Sex with different partners - Go compare
Sex with a lady boy -
Sex with anthropomorphs - compare the market
Sex at a north of the border wake - Scottish Widows
Sex with a BBW - More Than
Sex with a sailor - Admiral
Sex that goes on for ever - Saga
Sex whilst wearing two condoms - Prudential
Sex during the last night of the proms - Britannia
Sex in East Anglia - Norwich Union
Sex with Prince Harry - Royal Son Alliance
Gangbang sex - co-operative
Sex on tour - Nationwide
Caught having sex - Swift Cover
Aussie Sex - SheilasWheels

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