Monday, July 1, 2013

Sick humor-License

Bob and Clara stop at a small store to buy some groceries. Bob waits in the car while Clara goes in. When Clara did not come out even after half an hour, Bob goes in to look for her.

Bob says to the attendant, "Have you seen my wife?"

The attendant replies, "Yes, she already left."

Bob, knowing that Clara had not come out, calls the police.

The police find her locked in a back room naked and tied up.

Bob: "Oh my God! Are you ok honey? Did he hurt you?"

Clara: "No, but he licked me all over."

Bob: "Officer, I want this man arrested for assault."

Officer: "Sir, I'm afraid I cannot do that."

Bob: "And will you explain why not?"

Officer: "Well, he has a lickher license!"

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