Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little Johnny jokes-New vocabulary

Little Johnny was strolling in the market when he came across a man who was selling chicken. Little Johnny asked the man how much he was selling them for.

The man asked him if he wanted a male or a female. Little Johnny asked for both. So the farmer said, "There you are, one cock and one pullet."

Little Johnny did not understand, so the man explained to him that a pullet is a female chicken. Little Johnny nodded, paid the man & walked away with two chickens, one under each arm.

A little ahead, he saw a donkey for sale. He went to the man selling it and asked him the price. The man replied, "The a*s is for 20 dollars."

Little Johnny was confused, so the man explained that a donkey is called an a*s.

Little Johnny nodded and bought the donkey.

As he was leaving, the man told him, "Wait, this animal can get very stubborn when going uphill, so you have to scratch him behind the ears to get him walking again."

Now Little Johnny was on the way back home and when he began to climb the hill, the donkey suddenly stopped & try as he may, Little Johnny could not get him to move again. He could not scratch its ear because he had chickens under both his arms and if he were to free one of his hands, the chicken would run away.

So Little Johnny started to scream at the donkey. A lady who was passing by, stopped and asked him if he needed help.

So Little Johnny, equipped with new vocabulary, turned to the lady and said, "It would be a help if you could please hold my cock and pullet while I scratch my a*s."

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