Thursday, June 6, 2013

Adult jokes-Revival

A guy is walking through a fairground one day, when he notices a stunning redhead sprawled on the ground unconscious. Kneeling next to the beauty, he lightly slaps her face. No response. Then he rubs her wrists. Nothing. He even tries mouth to mouth. The gorgeous woman does not respond. Finally, the guy takes another tack. He unbuttons the girl's blouse, and slides it off her body. Then, unhooking her bra, he begins to massage and fondle her firm, soft breasts. The girl begins to moan and gasp in pleasure, her nipples stiffening, and finally her eyes flutter open.

"Oh thank you," she sighs. Looking down at the guy's hands, still massaging her t*ts, she goes on.

"Tell me, how did you think of such a novel way to revive me?"

"It wasn't my idea," he says. "That guy over there kept shouting, "Rubber balloons....Rubber balloons!!"

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