Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dark jokes- Are you friendly to animals?

Are you friendly to animals?

Sadly, only one out of every two people is friendly to other creatures.
Find out if you are a heartless monster.

1. If you find a robin who cannot fly, what do you do?
a) rescue it and nurture it (in the after-school TV special style)
b) leave it be
c) call your mother about exactly how to give that duck sauce recipe a reddish flair.

2. If there is a mouse that has moved into your house, what do you do?
a) trap it humanely and release out it in the countryside.
b) use whatever mousetrap is necessary
c) enlist a stray cat, then afterwards call your mother about that cat-sauce recipe

3. When your dog messes on the new carpet, what do you do?
a) reprimand it with stern wording
b) beat the dog so it won't even move for the next two weeks
c) dogs don't need sauce, it would be best just to grill them up in a natural state

4. Do you eat veal?
a) not at all
b) I eat what I want to eat
c) if it moves, it's the main course at my next meal

5. What do you hope the future will hold for the animals of our planet?
a) freedom, health, and happiness
b) factory-farm efficiency worldwide
c) giant shish kabobs

I think you know which answers mean animal-friendliness. It's simple.
If you picked a), you're a real animal-lover.
If you picked b), you're not so friendly.
If c) was your letter of choice, you're probably pretty hungry. So don't let me stand in the way, I'm sure there's a stray cat just waiting to be a part of your next stew.

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