Friday, May 31, 2013

Adult jokes-New trick

A married couple, Ron & Gina were going through marital problems, as they were unable to satisfy each other sexually.

Gina was visiting her friend, Sara one day, when she happened to mention about her problems with Ron.Very experienced in worldly matters, Sara gave her opinion saying, "This is such a common problem. Not many doctors will be able to help you, but I have a solution."

Gina urges her to share the remedy with her.

Sara replies, "Well, if you insist, I will tell you. The only solution is for Ron to eat it."

"What?!!" exclaimed Gina, "Ron would never do that!"

Sara shrugged. "Well, I told you because you asked. It's up to you to try it out."

On the way home, Gina thought about it and said to herself,"What the heck, I'll give it a try."

She makes a very tasty dinner for Ron that night. When he came home from work, he loved the meal, but wondered about the reason for it.

"That was a great meal," he complimented her. "Anything out of the ordinary today?"

Gina told Ron about Sara's suggestion.

"Are you crazy, I cannot do it!" he reacted. "I will certainly not indulge in such a disgusting act."

But Gina nagged and begged until he consented.

"All right" he said. "I guess I can give it a try."

Gina got into bed and pulled the covers up to her neck.

When Ron arrived, he braced himself for the job at hand and got into bed. He raised the covers crawled under them.

Groping in the dark, he managed to find his target.

As soon as he started, Gina farted loudly.

Under the covers, Ron said in a muffled voice,"Thank God for that breath of fresh air."

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