Monday, April 8, 2013

Rude jokes-Rabbit pellets

A guy walks into a bar, puts his pet rabbit upon the mahogany, and starts drinking. While he is drinking, the rabbit starts doing little rabbit pellets on the bar.

After awhile, he leaves, and another guy, a real loudmouth, walks in. He says," Hey bartender, give me a drink for me, for you, what do you say, there's nothing to do."

He has a few drinks, and the whole time he's running his mouth, annoying the bartender.

Finally, he spots the rabbit pellets. He says, "Hey bartender, what are these?"

The bartender say's, "They are smart pills."

The loud mouth replies, "Can I try a few?"

The bartender says yes and the loudmouth starts popping a few into his mouth, chews for awhile, then spits them out and shouts, "Yuck! These taste like sh*t!"

The bartender says, "Your getting smarter already!"

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