Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Adult jokes-Unfair treatment

Two guys both had a 9:00AM appointment at a vasectomy clinic. A nurse comes out to greet them and explains that it is her job to prep them for surgery. She takes them both to a private room and asked the 1st man to take off his clothes and sit on an exam table. She then proceeds to take his manhood in her hand and m*sturbates him.

"Whoa!" he says. "What's going on?"

She explains that this is standard procedure and that it is necessary to determine if there are any blockages before surgery can be performed. He thought that this wasn't so bad and allows the nurse to finish her task. She then tells him to have a seat on the side of the room.

The nurse then repeats the instructions to the second man and, with a big smile on her lips, begins to perform or*l sex on him. Upon seeing this, the first guy said "Hey, what's this? I get j*rked off and the other guy gets a bl*w job. That's not fair!"

The nurse looked at him and said "Sorry buddy. That's the difference between Blue Cross and HMO".

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