Thursday, April 11, 2013

Adult jokes-Fun at drugstore

A man walked into the drugstore and shyly asked the pretty girl working there if he could buy some condoms. Seeing his discomfort, the girl decided to have some fun.

She asked what size he needed. He said he didn't really know. So the girl said they come in three sizes, and that there were three holes in the fence outside that they used for sizing tests. He should go outside and put his tool to the test.

When he went outside, the girl snuck around the fence, when he put his tool through the first hole, she caught him and gave him a hand job.

When he put his tool in the second hole, she gave him oral s*x.

When he put his tool in the third hole, she had her pants down and she took him inside herself.

When he was finished, the girl ran around the front.

He walked up and she asked, "So, what size do you need?"

He answered, "I've decided not to buy any condoms; but I do want 8 feet of that fence!"

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