Monday, March 18, 2013

The Great Aussie Love Poem

The Great Aussie Love Poem

Of Course I Love Ya Darling You're A Bl*ody Top Notch Bird
And When I Say You're Gorgeous I Mean Every Single Word

So Ya Bum Is On The Big Side I Dont Mind A Bit Of Flab
It Means That When I'm Ready There's Somethin' There To Grab

So Your Belly Isn't Flat No More I Tell Ya, I Don't Care
So Long As When I Cuddle Ya I Can Get My Arms Round There

No Sheila Who Is Your Age Has Nice Round Perky Br*asts
They Just Gave Into Gravity But I Know Ya Did Ya Best

I'm Tellin Ya The Truth Now I Never Tell Ya Lies
I Think It's Very Sexy That You've Got Dimples On Ya Thighs

I Swear Upon Me Nannas Grave The Moment That We Met
I Thought U Was As Good As I Was Ever Gonna Get

No Matter Wot U Look Like I'll Always Love Ya Dear
Now Shut Up While The Footys On And Get Me Bl*ody Beer!

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