Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nasty jokes-Best friends

There's these three guys, best friends since childhood. One of them is dating an absolutely stunning babe, and is always bragging to his buddies about the sex they have. Then one day, for who knows what reason, the guy decides that he's getting tired of the lovely lady, he needs some new thrills in his life, and pulls a complete 180, declaring he's gay.

"Damn," his friends say, "you know that you're probably going to get AIDS and die!"

Hey, I'll take my chances," he says. "I just needed some kind of change, and wow, did I find it!"

In a couple years he indeed contracts AIDS, and is told he only has a few months left.

As he's lying on his death-bed, he calls his old friends together one last time.

"Guys," he gasps, "you've got to promise me one last thing."

"Sure," say his mates. "What can we do for you?"

"When I'm dead and buried, will you make sure I have the nicest tombstone you can find?" he asks. "And will you make sure something's written on it that everyone will remember me for?"

They promise him, and with one final gasp dies... But remembering their promise, his friends found a beautiful granite stone, and had it engraved:

Ashes To Ashes,
Dust To Dust,
If You'd Stuck To P*ssy,
You'd Still Be With Us.

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