Friday, February 15, 2013

Adult jokes-Nightly routine

This couple is just married three months. The man loves his wife and just can't get enough of her. He discovers one night that he enjoys rubbing his wife's nipple before he goes to bed so he makes it a nightly routine.

One night he is sleeping alone, since his wife is away on a business trip and he finds that he can't sleep because he can't caress her nipple. She gets back and he can sleep again.

Soon after he finds out that his wife has cancer, and only a month to live. She passes away, and the man just can't get to sleep so he goes to her body and cuts off her nipple with a little knife, before they put her in the ground.

He keeps it in his pajama shirt pocket and rubs it every night and is able to sleep again.

A couple of days later he dumps all of his clothes off at the laundromat and goes to work. There he remembers he left the nipple inside his pajama pocket. Stuck in an all day meeting which he can't get out of, he waits and waits, finally he gets out rushes to the laundromat and asks the guy, "Did you perhaps find anything in the pocket of my pajamas?"

He says, "why yes, I found a raisin and I gave it to my dog as a treat!"

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